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From the last post, we have noted that we are all creations of God and that each of us needs his manual to live a successful life.

I really mean the manual is for each of us. It is not a collective manual for all. This is glaring from the fact that you cannot use a manual meant for a washing machine to operate a television. That would surely be disastrous.

Each of us, therefore, needs a different manual from the other’s to lead a fulfilled life. It is a pity that some imitate others that are successful, in the way they talk, eat, walk, dress, and so on. Such are meant for the trash bin. You know that a duplicate will eventually be disposed of to make way for the original.

But God made each of his creations unique. Yes, YOU ARE UNIQUE! Science attests to it by revealing that your finger prints are different from that of anyone else in the whole world. He made you unique TO STAND OUT AMONG ALL OTHERS. I believe that is success.

This is why you need your own manual and do not need to follow that of anyone else. By walking and having a relationship with your creator, you can get your manual from him.
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”I am sorry, we can’t replace the washing machine, ” said the technician, ”because you did not go through the manual before operating it.”
Denis was infuriated. ”But I have a year guarantee on it,” he boomed.
”You are right, but only if you used the manual,” replied the technician.

Every one knows that the technician was right. Before we operate any equipment we need to go through the manual. The manual contains instructions from the maker on how to operate the equipment successfully. He knows better than anyone about it because he made it. A consumer will only, therefore, disregard it to his own peril.

This is applicable to you as a creation of God. When he made you, he has a manual of instruction on how to operate your life successfully. It is wise to follow his manual on us because he knows better about us than anyone else. We will only disregard it to our own peril.

Do you know God’s manual for your life, let alone follow it? How do you get his manual for your life so that you will be fulfilled in life? Watch out for the next in the series. You can click on ‘follow’ at the top left to receive notifications for further posts. (Pls I love to receive your comments. Thanks)


Many today do not believe in God as a father. But God as a creator also has an hidden meaning of being the father of all creation.

God as the father has more specific meaning than just being the creator. Naturally, the son is a replica of the father. He looks like him and even takes after him.

It is only the humans, out of God’s creation that were made like himself. Others were not in his image or likeness. This makes only man, out of his creation, to be his son. Man took after him in all things. Like father like son, you will say.

But the fall of man from the glory and nature of God’s son caused him to lose his sonship of God. When Jesus came in the likeness and image of God we beheld the lost glory of man as son of God again in him.

Jesus now became the source of the new man that is created in the image and likeness of God. If any one is in Christ, he is a new creator, old things have passed away, behold all things have become new. 2Cor 5:17.

The new man in Christ is the son of God because he is created in the likeness and image of God. He takes after the father. Is that not LIKE FATHER LIKE SON?