”I am sorry, we can’t replace the washing machine, ” said the technician, ”because you did not go through the manual before operating it.”
Denis was infuriated. ”But I have a year guarantee on it,” he boomed.
”You are right, but only if you used the manual,” replied the technician.

Every one knows that the technician was right. Before we operate any equipment we need to go through the manual. The manual contains instructions from the maker on how to operate the equipment successfully. He knows better than anyone about it because he made it. A consumer will only, therefore, disregard it to his own peril.

This is applicable to you as a creation of God. When he made you, he has a manual of instruction on how to operate your life successfully. It is wise to follow his manual on us because he knows better about us than anyone else. We will only disregard it to our own peril.

Do you know God’s manual for your life, let alone follow it? How do you get his manual for your life so that you will be fulfilled in life? Watch out for the next in the series. You can click on ‘follow’ at the top left to receive notifications for further posts. (Pls I love to receive your comments. Thanks)