We are now in a position to know how we can easily get our manual from God, our creator. We have noted the significance of living our lives according to the manual provided by our maker for our success and fulfilment.

One thing we need to know is that it should not be difficult for us to get our manual from our maker because it’s not difficult for a machine to get it from its maker. Really a maker’s ability to make great products is exhibited when he provides a good working manual for his product.
God’s great ability of creation is also expressed when his products are working according to manual.

He is, therefore, ever ready to give the manual to his creation. He knows he will be praised if the products work fine.
Another thing we should know is that he does not make mistakes in giving the manuals out. Humans may make such mistakes, but not the divine! It is with joy, then, that you should receive your manual, knowing there is no mistake in giving them out.

With these in mind, we may now explore ways we can get our manual from him.
First, we need to relate with him. Relating with God is the easiest of relationships because it has no limitations like others. God is everywhere and may be felt, though may not be physically seen.
He can be spoken to in any language at anytime, with no initial training.

Relating with God does not need a mediator or in-between manager. You only relate directly with him. One wonderful thing about him is that he does not give character or past life experience specifications for relationship with him. That is, he accepts you in relationship no matter the kind of life you are living now or what your past life looks like.

God appreciates your decision to relate with him and the steps you take towards it far more than your past experiences or present life.
The question now is : are you ready to relate with God so that you will receive his manual for a successful and fulfilling life?

In part 4 I will give you illustrations on receiving your manual by relating with God. Let’s stop here for now. God bless you.