It is a fact that can not be disputed that every thing created begets its type. The plants, animals and humans, all beget their own kinds. The begotten inherits so much from the parents and we say they have the same nature.

The sons of God also have the divine nature of their father. This is unquestionable. God planned it to be so before he made man in his image and likeness. When God brought this to pass he formed man with the dust of the ground and gave that form his breath or spirit.

This made man a living and spirit being, the dust being the body in which the spirit or man lives.
But man lost the divine nature due to his lust after folly.

God had to send his son to fulfill his earlier plan for man to have his nature. This is why everyone that believes his son receives the Spirit of God. Remember the breath of life he gave man in the beginning? Through this holy spirit man shares the very nature of God. (2 Pet 1:3-4).

The divine spirit with the divine power bestows the divine nature on the sons of God. They are holy as God is holy. They do not need to seek to be sanctified when they believe. They are anointed as he is when they believe and do not need to tarry for the anointing.

They only need to allow the move of God’s spirit in them and they begin to experience the graces of being the sons of God and sharing the divine nature with him.

I release you into these in Jesus’ name.