For more than 2000 years God has given all people everywhere the greatest opportunity of their lives. It is that they may become sons of God. Many people, however, rejected this opportunity while others clinched it.

To be a son of God is to have his likeness and be in his image. That is strange. Isn’t it? But it shouldn’t, because when God made all things, he made only man in his image. This made man different from all other creations and put him in control of all of them.

But man followed the lies of the devil to lust after foolishness. It was fatal for him. He lost the authority, power or right of being the son of God. This is why God sent his son.

When the son of God came, he revealed the nature of his father. When people saw him they were divided. Some believed and accepted him as who he really was, the son of God. Others rejected him as an activist, possessed of the devil and exploiting the people.

They arrested him and handed him over to the government of the day, led by the notorious Pontius Pilate. He was nailed to the stakes like any other criminal, where he died.

But on the third day after he was buried, he rose up again and appeared to those who believed and accepted him only. From that time there lives took a new turn. They lived like him and went throughout the world to multiply sons of God and their extra ordinary lives.

The whole world is still divided over him today. But God only gives the right, authority or power to be his son to whoever believes the good story(gospel) of his son. Such will live extra ordinary life like his son.

Do you believe the story of the son of God to become one yourself? Do you experience the extra ordinary life of the son of God. I declare today that your inner eyes be opened to behold the riches of God’s sons and experience it. God bless you. (Pls send in your comments.)