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I believe you enjoyed the previous posts in this series. This is the last of them and I will like to give you some hints on how you can make a profitable use of your manual.

First, after having the dream, idea, imagination, vision or revelation of God’s plan for your life, you need to like it so much that nothing else will be worthy of it to you. Will you be able to hold God’s dream for your life in such precious position that no other dream, thing, person will be able to wrest it from you?

Second is the way you will allow that dream to drive you. You will meet up with a lot of challenges like walls and mountains on your way to achieve God’s dream for your life. But your dream should be powerful enough to make you scale these walls and surmount these mountains. Your dream or Gods manual for your life should be your hope where there is no hope just because it was given you by your maker.

Third is to know that God has given some people around you to help you achieve your dream. I call them your partners in synergy because they will make up what is lacking in you to achieve your dream. They will do what you can’t do, give what you don’t have to achieve God’s plan for your life. You need to identify them because it’s not all around you that are to do these for you. Some will bring you down if you allow them.

The fourth important point you need to put in mind is that your dream is what you have now about your future, which is your destination. So your life is like being on a journey with the starting mark as your dream point and the destination as the achievement of it.
Will you ever get to the destination, putting in mind that many begin a journey and never make it to the destination?

I pray you will get to your destination. I will discuss the life of Joseph Israel, a one time prime minister of Egypt. Look forward to this please.



So far, you must have understood the importance of relationship in getting your life manual from your maker. Is it possible to live a fulfilled life without a manual from God?

We can answer this by first understanding fulfilment and success. We are successful or fulfilled when we are able to achieve the reason for our creation. If a washing machine washes well, it is already fulfilled and successful. But if it could do many other things except wash well, it is not successful but a failure. This is because it is not achieving the purpose for which it’s made.

When you live your life according to the purpose for which you were made(no matter how unimportant that purpose may be), you are a SUCCESS. This purpose is in your manual. This is why you need to live your life according to your own manual.
And note this: no matter how ‘successful’ you may seem to be, though you are not achieving your purpose for living, you are a mere failure.

Now, you need to relate with God, your maker to get this manual. A simple relationship! God is Spirit, in relating with him you will begin to live in the spirit. Through the disobedience of the first man, we lost life in the spirit in relationship with God. This opened us up to the devil or satan. God has made a new way for relationship with him, which is by faith in his son, Jesus Christ.

Faith in Jesus Christ opens us to a spiritual relationship with God. When we talk to him he will respond. We will understand when he talks to us in dreams, visions, ideas, imaginations, through circumstances, situations, people and experiences. These are ways we receive the manual for our life from God.

When God leads us, we will know how to live the right life, where to live, career to lead, places to go, partner to marry, people to work with and so on. We will finally gain after death, when we leave this world. This is the really successful and fulfilling life. Many seem to have been fulfilled here in this life but will lose in the after life. That is not really a success.

Are you successful? Do you live a purposeful life? Are you working according to manual? God bless you.